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Topgolf takes the driving range concept to a completely different level, making it fun for everyone from novices to pros.

Topgolf in Cincinnati is actually located in West Chester, about 30 minutes from downtown Cincinnati. When arriving you’ll see these huge nets and that’s where you need to head. As soon as you arrive, you know this isn’t a typical driving range. In fact, the building kind of looks like a nightclub, and I wouldn’t deny that some people are enjoying it as one.


Who knew a golf place would look so fancy? ??

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As you walk in, head to the left to get a membership card, if you don’t already have one. Otherwise to your right is where you can sign up for a bay. The golf bays are rented by the hour for $25 – $45 depending on the time and how busy the venue is.


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On this same floor you’ll find a huge bar area. So if you have to wait awhile for your bay, you’ll be able to enjoy a drink or two. There is also a game room on the ground floor with foosball, TVs and more to keep you busy before or after your golfing.

Once you get to your bay, everything is set up for you to enjoy right away. There are clubs provided for both men and women, but you can also bring your own.

What makes a Topgolf experience different than your regular driving range is that there’s a gaming element to it. There are large holes on the range and all the golf balls are loaded with a tracking device. So, when you hit your ball the device will track where it lands and hopefully, it makes it to one of the holes or marked sections so you can score some points. There are these sections near and far so you have plenty of options on where to aim the ball. The computer system at your bay will track scores for everyone in your group, so really you’re just there to golf and enjoy yourself.


You know me, I must point out that the beer selection was good and I was able to enjoy this great MadTree PSA. The prices are average to the area and while I didn’t sample any of the food, the menu looked promising.


My group of six was comfortable in our one bay and we all had plenty of rounds of golf during our 2-hour rental time.

If you haven’t been, I highly suggest paying Topgolf a visit ASAP. It would make a great staff outing or group date night. I love that you essentially show up and everything is ready for you to have fun. It’s a very stress-free experience with a little bit of competitive action to keep it fun.

Have you been to Topgolf yet? Are there any other places in West Chester you’d recommend? Let me know what you think below! Visit to learn more. 

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Top Golf Cincinnati takes the driving range concept to a completely different level, making it fun for everyone from pros to novices.


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