12 Summer Date Ideas

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12 Summer Date Ideas to inspire you to get outside and enjoy the season! 

These summer date ideas make the perfect bucket list of cheap and free things to do all summer long. There are ideas for couples, teens, friends and families from romantic to fun.

Summer is in full swing and I’ve been doing my best to make the most of the season. This is partly why I haven’t been blogging as much over the last two months. Summer is always so busy and full of plans. Many years it often feels like it goes by too quickly and I’ll realize I sadly didn’t do a lot of the things I originally planned to. This year I’ve been holding myself accountable and making more time for small trips and getting outside to simple enjoy the weather. In Ohio it’s crucial to soak up as much wonderful summer weather as possible to hold on to during our gloomy gloomy winters. I know, maybe it’s time I finally move someplace where it’s warm year-round.

Anyway, I’ve pulled together a list of all my favorite summer date ideas. I hope these summer date ideas inspire you to get outside and enjoy the season.

Foodie Tour – Here in Cincinnati, the food market downtown offers multiple neighborhood food tours. If you have the option in your neighborhood, I highly recommend trying one out. You’ll get to experience the best of the best in just one day. If possible, try one in a new neighborhood or go on a desserts only tour to experience something completely new.

Brewery Tour – With craft breweries popping up everywhere, learning more about craft beer and expanding your taste buds is a must. if you haven’t tried many craft beers yet, a tour is a great way to familiarize yourself with the brewing process and learn more about the many styles of beer. Maybe you don’t like IPAs, but you’ll discover you love a wheat or porter. Many breweries offer free or very inexpensive tours that include samples. You can also try a tour via bus and visit several in one outing.

DIY a Summer Cocktail (or Mocktail) – ’Tis the season for fresh, fruity drinks. Try to outdo each other with your own cocktail creation. Pair the tasting with some simple appetizers, preferably al fresco. I recommend creating your own version of frose!

Baseball game – Another summer bucket list item is to attend a baseball game. I’m not a huge sports person, but I like to support my local teams and every year when I go I always have more fun than I expect.

Hiking – Get outside! Google the website for parks in your state or city to determine which one is best for your experience level and go. Bonus points if you pack a picnic too!

Paddleboarding or kayaking – It’s another summer must-do to spend some time in the water. I personally love stand-up paddle boarding

Outdoor Concerts and Festivals – My personal favorite part of summer is music festivals! If there’s one you’re interested in make it a priority to go. Otherwise, research some local outdoor concerts in your neighborhood. We have so many free outdoor shows once the weather warms up. And in my opinion, even if it’s not a style of music I normally listen to, as long as the musicians are trying, all live music is good.

BBQ Cook Off – Get out the grill and have a cook off. You and your BF or friends can try to outdo each other with different barbecue recipes.

Bar Patio Crawl – This might be the funnest of all on the list. Stake out all the patio, deck and rooftop bars in your neighborhood and enlist some friends to go on a patio crawl. Enjoy all the summery drinks and views that you can get.

Make a S’mores Bar – S’mores are never not delicious. Try out some new s’mores combinations using Oreos or chocolate chip cookies. You can find tons of inspiration on Pinterest.

Go Garage Sale Hopping – Even with Craigslist and the Facebook Marketplace I still feel like garage sales are a pretty common occurrence in my neighborhood during the summer. Take a morning to do some garage sale hopping or visit the local thrift store. Find some fun new items or a DIY project and fix something up!

Take a Pool Day – I would spend weeks straight at the swimming pool as a kid. Now that’s not really possible, however, who wouldn’t want to take a day and spend it all the pool in the water and just relaxing in the sun. Leave your phone at home or put away in your bag and enjoy doing nothing.

What’s your favorite summer date idea? Pin the image below to save these ideas!

These summer date ideas make the perfect bucket list of cheap and free things to do all summer long. There are ideas for couples, teens, friends and families from romantic to fun.


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